About Durham Counselling & Psychotherapy:

Durham counselling room for therapy for bereavement or trauma

There are many different reasons that may have lead you to look for a counsellor.  Life can throw many obstacles in our path that leaves us feeling overwhelmed.  This means that  sometimes we need a bit of extra support to be able to move forward.

You might want to look at issues from the past or the present that are causing you difficulties and preventing you for leading a full life.  It could be that you are struggling with your emotions but you are not sure of the reasons for feeling this way.

Such issues may be leaving you feeling sad, frightened, confused, angry or guilty.  You might be feeling stuck or bogged down, that you want to make changes and move forward but you are unsure on how to go about this.  This is where counselling can be helpful.  

I aim to offer you a place where you can feel able to explore your issues and how you are feeling without judgement.  I will assist you in making sense of what you are feeling, to gain a new perspective and to move towards an increased sense of well-being.

The thought of coming for counselling can initially seem daunting but I hope that together we can creating a space where you will feel comfortable and at ease. I see counselling as a collaborative process.

I am a Humanistic Counsellor which means that the core of my philosophy is to work towards building a safe and trusting relationship.  This is to enable you to feel confident that when sharing your challenging thoughts and emotions you will be met with understanding and acceptance.  

I use an integrative approach, which means that I am able to adapt the way in which I work to best suit you.  I am also trained in the use of EMDR which can be used for assisting with trauma, PTSD and OCD.

Durham Counselling Room for anxiety and depression

I believe that each and everyone of us has the inner resource to heal and grow given the right support.  Receiving the right support can assist you in discovering your own inner wisdom enabling you to grow towards a calmer and more fulfilling life.

I offer both long and short term counselling and psychotherapy.

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