The impact of the modern era on community Part 1

I have been reflecting on the modern world and its impact on our sense of community. Community used to be something that was a natural and intrinsic part of society. During ancient times our instincts drove us to be around others and we formed tribes. Being part of a tribe is what enabled us to survive as a species. We needed one another for protection, to build shelter and to obtain food. Whilst in modern society we do not face the same challenges as the ancient humans did, to not be be part of a community and to feel isolated appears to be a large contributing factor for poor mental health. Before the industrial revolution people were born, lived and died within their close knit communities. People grew up together and knew each other their whole lives. Religion often played an important role in community too, but from the 16th century science became more prominent and many people started to lose their connection with the spiritual aspects of themselves and the support that organised religion gave them. Transport improved, it was easier to travel and move away from the location in which we were born. Families and friends moved from where they grew up to obtain better jobs. As a society we became more segregated, individualized and more lonely.


I believe that some of the problems faced in the modern world are due to this lack of community. It is a time where jobs are unstable, people are forced to move to keep ahead of the game and may end up many miles away from those they know and love. This lack of community can bring about loneliness, lack of purpose and low self esteem. Loneliness is a serious issue and is often cited as one of the largest cause of premature death.