Creativity Part 3

Mindful colouring books

Mindful colouring books have become popular over the last several years. Some of them have patterns and mandalas, others may have images of scenery or animals. There are books with simple designs that can be completed quickly whereas others are more intricate and take longer. 

The beauty of these colouring books is that anyone of any artistic ability can enjoy completing the images within them. There are also appears to be various benefits from colouring in, some of which include, quieting a busy mind, reducing negative thoughts, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety and promoting feelings of relaxation.

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Is the diagnosis of mental illness really helpful?

For a while now I have been wondering as to whether the diagnosis of mental health is helpful. I have mixed feeling around this so I thought I would put some of my thoughts into a blog.

I frequently find that people who have been given such a diagnosis are actually having perfectly natural reactions to events that have occurred at some point in their lives. Diagnosis can open up access to help and services, yet at the same time it can lead to people being over diagnosed, heavily medicated, stigmatised and feeling as if there is something wrong with them.

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